Town + Village of Arcade
Comprehensive Plan

Welcome to the Town and Village of Arcade website for the comprehensive planning process! This website will be the center for all information regarding Arcade’s Comprehensive Plan including public engagement and outreach, draft plan elements, meeting notes and reports, and much more. Visit this website to stay up to date on the latest information. We want YOU to be ENGAGED in the planning process! 

What is a
Comprehensive Plan?

According to NYS Statute

A Comprehensive Plan is “an expression of a municipality’s goals and recommended actions to achieve those goals; a document which focuses on intermediate and long-term protection, enhancement, growth and development of a municipality; an outline for orderly growth, providing continued guidance for decision making…”

Comprehensive Planning
for Smart Growth

The Village and Town of Arcade Comprehensive Plan is funded by the New York State Smart Growth Program. “Smart Growth” is a concept that covers a range of community development, planning, and economic development principles with the goal of making communities more livable, economically efficient, environmentally sustainable, and overall more resilient. The NYS Smart Growth Program supports municipalities through planning and zoning efforts that implement that the following smart growth planning principles: 

  • Mixed Land Uses 
  • Range of House Opportunities and Choices
  • Development and Redevelopment in Existing Communities 
  • Distinctive, Attractive Communities with a Strong Sense of Place
  • Density 
  • Clean Energy 
  • Climate Change
  • Resiliency 
  • Green Infrastructure 
  • Social Diversity and Integration
  • Regional Planning and Coordination
  • Walkable/Bikeable Neighborhood Design 
  • Variety of Mobility Choices 
  • Well-Planned and Well-Placed Public Spaces
  • Community and Stakeholder Collaboration in Planning 

With the help of NYS, the Village and Town of Arcade will incorporate the above smart growth planning principles into the Comprehensive Plan to create a more livable, sustainable, equitable, and resilient community for all. 


The Town and Village of Arcade Comprehensive Plan will be the foundation from which the community can work together to achieve its vision over the next 15-20 years. Arcade’s most recent comprehensive plan was written in 1996, and while many of the themes in the prior plan remain relevant today, an updated plan is needed to ensure Arcade has a unified vision and action plan for the future. The Comprehensive Plan will be the guiding document for Arcade’s long-term decisions on land use, capital investments, economic development, and other areas that will drive the trajectory of the Village and Town over the next few decades.


The Town and Village of Arcade are committed  to a community-driven Comprehensive Planning process. The end result of the planning process will produce a Comprehensive Plan that includes the following:


A VISION for Arcade that is reflective of the community’s character, goals, and aspirations.

Big Picture

A BIG PICTURE view of how to empower local leadership and community members to think about and coordinate short and long term decision-making

Strategic Action Plan

A STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN for achieving the community’s vision

Community Engagement

A COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT process that builds connections and stimulates excitement for the future of Arcade